Do you know Britain’s most prolific crasher?

Published: 09 September 2009

Does one of your mate’s deserve the title Britain’s worst crasher?

MCN is searching for the rider who has notched up the most spills during his track day antics to award this inauspicious title too.    

Our search has been inspired by Andy “Spudy” James, whose mates chucked his damaged Yamaha R6 in a skip after his latest track day off.

Spudy, 37, from Cannock, has done seven track days this year, and averaged two crashes at each!   

The latest was his worst – and fifth in three outings -and saw him carted off to hospital with a dislocated knee cap, while his smashed up R6 was left in the care of his friends.

Spudy’s pal Mike Rutter said: “During our recent track weekend at Pembrey with Phil Beven track days Spudy decided to crash his bike for the fifth time in three track days and while he was away at hospital having his kneecap put back were it should be we decided we couldn’t be arsed to repair it anymore and gave it to Biffa to be recycled into a kettle or something simlar.

“Although we hope Spudy gets well soon.”

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