New Lock Mate Key disc lock reminder

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If you’re a regular commuter and use a disc lock often you’ll know how easy it is to forget about it unless you have chord reminder fitted.

With this new product there is no more riding off with your disc lock still on, saving you the embarrassment and a few pounds of repairs.  

And it’s also more pleasing to the eye than a fluorescent chord and easier to use.

For £3.99 for the black key and £4.99 for the chrome version (plus P&P), Lock Mate Key disc lock reminder would make a great addition to your motorcycle accessories and pay for itself many times over.

You clip it to your motorcycle keys and remove the universal key insert section which fits into the bike ignition. 

When you return you have to remove it before putting your key in the ignition.

As a special introductory offer, if you buy two you get one free to give to your friends for a limited period only.

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull