North Wales Police chief: ‘Riding motorcycle less rational than cycling’

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Riding a motorcycle is less rational than cycling, a North Wales Police chief has said.

Acting deputy chief constable Ian Shannon made the extraordinary claim in his blog on the force’s website.  

He intended to question the logic of MCN’s campaign to reclaim North Wales for motorcyclists from heavy-handed police. But instead he showed the prejudice at the heart of the force which has led thousands of motorcyclists to back our campaign.

He wrote: ‘I struggle to understand how MCN can be opposed to what we are trying to do or why they are not applauding the results of our efforts…. I still have a full motor cycle license and have been tempted but have then made a more rational decision and jumped on a bicycle.’

MCN is encouraging as many law-abiding riders as possible to descend on North Wales with us this Sunday. Find full details here:

Find Shannon’s blog here:

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell