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MCN is planning a re-run of our massive Reclaim North Wales campaign – and we want you to help choose where we reclaim next.

Around 10,000 riders joined our North Wales rally against heavy-handed police treatment, making it the biggest UK rider protest in 20 years.

It became an unprecedented celebration of bikes and a massive show of solidarity for the motorcycling community.

Many of you are already calling for a repeat performance. Mel Griffiths, 38, who made a massive contribution to the campaign by creating a Facebook group with 2,500 members, said: “We must do it again.”

And another reader wrote: “We should do it every six weeks.”

But North Wales Police isn’t the only force that seems to want to drive motorcyclists out.

Next we could reclaim Sussex, where riders report being entrapped by unmarked police sports bikes which tailgate and then nick them the instant they stray over the limit.

The force also defends using ASBO laws to confiscate motorcycles on the spot over minor traffic offences. 

Or it could be Wiltshire, where local residents secretly film motorcyclists and recently pressured a historic pub into banning a bike meet.

Or North Wales again. We’re already hearing reports that the force’s indiscriminate targeting of all motorcyclists has so far continued.

We want you to nominate regions we should descend upon in our next Reclaim day at the start of next year’s riding season.

We’ll reveal a shortlist based on your nominations between now and then, and the chosen location in the weeks before the event.

Post your ideas under this story or email: steve.farrell@motorcyclenews.com

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell