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Iconic motorcycling movies are few and far between. So for those of us waiting for the next Motorcycle Diaries or The World’s Fastest Indian to come out, we have to make do with bike spotting in more mainstream flicks. Luckily, even if the movie ‘aint no good, you can bet that the machines probably are. 

Here are 10 real bikes, from real movies, that you could go out and buy today.

Yamaha WR250X

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [2009]
Yamaha WR250X

The lean, Swedish thriller and the trim, Japanese supermoto both provided graphic, gripping, uncompromising experiences that aimed to take the world by surprise. Unfortunately the movie did a lot for a remarkably low cost, while the bike was crippled by an inflated price tag. Second-hand prices could be the Yamaha’s saviour.


Harley Springer

2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [2008]
Harley Davidson Softail Springer
The weathered, eye-catching Softail Springer from Indie’s 2008 outing was modified by a team of dedicated specialists to fit seamlessly with the film’s 1957 setting. If only they’d done the same with Shia Laboeuf.


Triumph Bonneville

3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days [2003]
Triumph Bonneville
Make a girl fall in love with you by teaching her to ride a bike…? It seemed like the perfect plan… Unfortunately most of us had to make do with sitting through this “romantic” McConaughey vehicle to woo the young ladies in 2003. How the poor Bonnie’s paintwork weathered the saccharine toss pouring out of the riders’ mouths is anyone’s guess.


Triumph Speed Triple

4. Mission Impossible 2 [2000]
Triumph Speed Triple
How the critics raved! “Sure-footed… seamless” they claimed, “a triumph of souped-up action” they espoused, “a masterpiece of grace and surprise”, they gushed, “Hang on for a spectacular ride!”, they cried. Presumably they were talking about the mighty Speed Triple and not Cruise’s rusty old actioner.


Suzuki GSX-R750

5. Cool as Ice [1991]
Suzuki GSX-R750

The bling-bling neon yellow of Vanilla Ice’s GSX-R750 was matched only by the spectacularly colourful Smörgåsbord of his trousers. Anything was possible. A shame the film was so appallingly awful that director David Kellogg later disowned it. Suzuki’s Gixer went on to rule the world, Vanilla Ice went on to rue the day he’d ever left Texas.


Honda CBX1000

6. Knightriders [1981]
Honda CBX1000
Straddling a CBX1000 that makes a Rocket III look weedy and wan, there’s no doubting Ed Harris looks quite the chevalier. Being a Honda, any CBX you get your hands on is likely to be a sturdy, well-made, powerhouse that has stood the test of time well. The film on the other hand…


Ducati Hypermotard 1100

7. Yes Man [2008]
Ducati Hypermotard 1100S
When a half-naked, tranqued-up Jim Carrey leaps aboard Ducati’s entirely naked Hypermotard, hilarity inevitably ensues. The real-life Hypermotard is far less forgiving, but probably more fun than watching Yes Man every day.


Kawasaki GPZ900R

8. Top Gun [1986]
Kawasaki GPZ900R
If you feel the need… the need for speed, then you’ll do well to mount up on the bike known to a generation of cinema-goers as “that bike Tom Cruise rode in Top Gun when Take My Breath Away was playing”. For jump-suit wearing, flat-top sporting, petrol-heads of the 1980’s it was the definitive sports bike. Just make sure your ego doesn’t write cheques your body can’t cash.


BMW R1200C

9. Tomorrow Never Dies [1997]
BMW R1200C
How the stunt men got the 236kg of Bavarian cruiser to fly across rooftops and slide beneath the rotors of a tilted helicopter remains a mystery. Most of us would just cruise around enjoying its fine, teutonic looks and plush, bouncy seat. But most of us aren’t James Bond in his most ridiculous outing to date.


Fat Boy

10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day [1991]
Harley Davidson Fat Boy
Any bike sturdy enough to cart Arnie around is bound to be worthy of praise. Throw in a booming exhaust tone hefty enough to turn a T1000 to jelly, and you’ve got a bike big enough to justify its tongue-in-cheek moniker. Shotgun an optional extra.

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel