Shrek and Princess Fiona Biker Wedding

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A cuple have literally gone green for a Shrek-themed wedding to raise money for a bikers’ charity.

Graham and Pinnk Johnson were married on 19.08.2010 at Burton Register Office, in High Street, dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona from the popular animated film series about a loveable ogre

The guests also got in on the fun, dressing as various characters from the films, including the Fairy Godmother, Donkey and King Arthur.

The fancy dress was organised to raise money for the National Association for Bikers with a Disability, which aims to help those who have been injured in motorcycling accidents to fight through their pain and get back on their machines.

Pinnk said: “It was really exciting and such good fun.

“We had to travel all the way to Stoke to get kitted out for the wedding by getting a professional stage make-up artist Kat Durber to sort us out.

“It was so much cheaper than a normal wedding and was more focused around close friends and family, rather than a massive over-the-top occasion.

“There was a great atmosphere and everyone really made an effort, coming in some great costumes for our day.”

The couple have been together for 18 months but have known each other for five years and first met at a motorcycle rally on the Isle of Wight.

The idea of the themed wedding started off as a novelty which snowballed into becoming the main feature of the day.

Pinnk said: “Originally, we planned to have a biker wedding with everyone dressing up in leather or jeans, and we were also planning on hiring an ice cream van and a bouncy castle.

“However, someone mentioned the idea of the Shrek wedding, as we all love the films.

“Then people started to get really excited about designing the costumes, so that’s why we ended up going for it.”

The reception was held at Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant, in New Street, and although no honeymoon has been planned yet, Mrs Johnson said: “We will probably end up staying in some muddy field, Far Far Away.”

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