26,512 bikes in the UK have been ‘clocked’ over the last year

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Over 26,512 bikes on the UK’s roads have been “clocked” according to a BBC investigation.

It was revealed in March of this year that a shocking number of bikes mileages have dropped compared to the figures recorded in last year’s MOT certificates.

BBC 5Live contacted 10 firms across the country undercover, about 'altering' a bikes mileage and six were willing to take part in "clocking". This can be classed as fraud in the UK, and is in fact a crime.

The Government's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (Vosa) defended the figures, saying there could be easily explainable reasons for this drastic figure such as “data-inputting errors, or technical faults with the machine's odometer”.

Although, it has also been suggested that the bikers ‘clock’ their bikes to make them more valuable and easier to sell.

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Alannah Fellows

By Alannah Fellows