MCN Xmas gift idea: LSL crash pads

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The MCN Shop is packed full of motorcycle gift ideas and stocking fillers at prices to suit any budget.   

If you're looking for a Christmas gift idea for bike-mad friends or family, then these LSL crash pads are a definite winner.         

These LSL alternatives to standard nylon crash bungs and mushrooms are a perfect combination of style and function.

LSL crash pads combine polished aluminium and replaceable plastic inserts to protect your bike. The alloy base domes are anodised and powder/plastic coated in a variety of colours to match your bike.  

Apparently a lot of thought has gone in to the design - the dome shape ensures the motorcycle slides more easily over an obstacle. On impact, the plastic inserts cushion the fall and slow your motorcycle in a slide. The squares on the back of the pads steer your motorcycle while sliding and prevent it from spinning. The overall result - reduced damage to your motorcycle.

The LSL crash pads are available through the MCN Shop for just £34.99 (with free delivery).

Not quite what you're looking for? Check out the MCN Shop for a massive selection of other motorcycle product and gift ideas.

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