Best of bikemart: Modern classics up for grabs this week

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We've been browsing MCN bikes for sale every day to bring you some of our top picks from over 9,000 motorcycles for sale.    

Here's just a few of the fantastic modern classic machines available this week: 

Honda Fireblade

1994 Honda CBR900RR FireBlade - £1600
Original, landmark Blade in 2nd year guise (slightly diff graphics etc) now becoming collectable – but still usable and fun.
We say: Decent nick, right colours, original can too, temptingly priced as well.


Honda SL350

1972 Honda SL350 - £1850
Early four-stroke single trailie paved the way for Xls to follow. Cute and already a classic.
We say: Attractive, easy to work on (although this one’s mint) and good value, too.


Kawasaki GPZ600R

1985 Kawasaki GPZ600R - £725
First of the true 600 supersports was sublime in its day yet still usable and rugged today. Future classic.
We say: Ones as original as this becoming rare. Cheap, too.


Yamaha XJ650

1982 Yamaha XJ650 Turbo - £1500
Yamaha’s take on the early-‘80s turbo craze was wacky and useful. Becoming collectable.
We say: Prices now appreciating. This one is decent and looks cheap.

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Phil West

By Phil West

MCN Contributor and bike tester.