Stupid High Vis Idea

I have been following this topic with some scepticism.

As already stated there are no statistics to suggest that wearing a high visiblity vest makes a marked difference in cutting down on road accidents involving motorcycles, indeed I would suggest that normal cyclists are more at risk as they are a smaller thing to see by cars.

They sometimes ride 3 or 4 abreast which is clearly against the highway code and although the highway code is not set in stone or law, the authorities use this as and when they wish to to prosecute who they feel fit to.

Are the police stopping Cyclists and issuing them all with high Vis vests I don't think so!

The argument there could be that cyclists tend to wear brighter clothing than motorcyclists, well look at some of the bright gear that bikers wear and they are still stopped.

My thought on this is that police authorities are trying to look like they are doing something to cut down road accidents, but this is just a smoke screen as this in my opinion is not making a blind bit of difference.

I do not wear a High Vis vest, however I do carry a High Vis cover that I can put over my backpack if I wish to.

I carry this in my backpack and if I feel that the light conditions dictate (fog) I can if I wish use it.

I drive three different cars and vans on a daily basis and tend to look out more for motorcycles (and cyclists) than other car users might do.

But putting this aside if another road users fails to see my headlights from the front or my rear lights and or high vis cover in poorer conditions from the rear or indeed the high vis cover from the side then they should not be on the road.

I wear this cover now and again when I see fit, however if I am ever stopped by the police and made to adourn a High Vis Vest, well one of two things will happen to it.

. In the bin or 2. In the wife's glovebox to be used incase of a breakdown.

I do not believe that this should be forced upon anyone like Motorcycles, when no other road users, cars, vans, cyclists are not forced to use it.

There is common sense and stupid beurocracy, I know which one this is.

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Gary Gibb

Reader's article

By Gary Gibb