Kawasaki W650 special ‘built over Christmas’

Published: 14 January 2010

This Kawasaki W650 flat-tracker is one of the best specials to appear this winter, but the builder claims he produced it in his garage over Christmas!

We suspect Sean Kynnersley, 40, took rather longer than that, judging by the quality of the execution.

Kynnersley said: “I just fancied doing something different – it was a case of why not. I knocked it up over Christmas.”

Kawasaki’s W650 appeared in 1999 but didn’t really take off with UK motorcyclists. And then, in 2001, Triumph resurrected the Bonneville and the W650 became even more of an also ran.

Kynnersley’s W650 – called Doue – is featured in next week’s MCN, out January 20.