Riders urged to complain over police tactic

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Motorcyclists are being urged to make formal complaints over police who stop them for not wearing hi-vis clothing.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) believes the policy is a step towards new legislation and reduced insurance payouts for riders in dark clothing.

The group wrote to Sussex Police after MCN revealed the force stopped 150 riders in five days for not wearing hi-vis gear, but received an “unapologetic” response.

A MAG spokesman said: “As a result the group is advising all riders stopped without obvious cause, in order to deliver these lectures, to make a stand by lodging formal complaints” with the force.

Ian Mutch, the group’s President, added: “This initiative by Sussex and latterly Lincolnshire has got to be stamped on now.

"High visibility clothing is not a proven road safety aid. To suggest implicitly that riders are negligent in not wearing it represents a serious shift in responsibility from motorists to motorcyclists.

"If this isn’t quashed we’ll have reduced compensation for injured riders dressed in black and finally compulsion.”

Sussex Police’s Inspector Keith Ellis said in his letter to MAG: “As a motorcyclist myself who wears high visibility equipment, I believe it is a valid option in seeking to reduce the risk for motorcyclists.”

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell