Speed camera on road with no serious injuries in 10 years takes £1.3m

Published: 08 July 2010

A speed camera nets around £1.3million a year in fines on a road that boasts only one serious injury in 11 years.

The camera is cynically placed at a spot where the dual-carriageway speed limit reduces to 30mph, in Poole, Dorset. It catches over 1,800 motorists on average a month, despite official accident figures that show there have been no fatalities in over 10 years.

The camera was initially installed to catch motorists jumping red lights, but in November last year it was converted to catch drivers going too fast through green lights as well. 

Ian Bellchamber of Dorset Speed told the Daily Mail, “The road is a wide dual carriageway with an industrial estate on one side and the harbour on the other.

“It is not a residential area and according to the official figures there have been no fatalities there for more than 10 years.

“This camera has been designed to milk the motorist at a road position that has nothing to do with safety

“The amount dwarfs the counts of most other cameras, which is further evidence that something is seriously wrong here.”