Yamaha promises electric bike for Europe in 2011

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Yamaha will launch a new electric bike in Europe next year, and follow it with 2-3 more by 2015. The news comes in a statement on the company’s medium term growth strategy and follows the launch in Japan of its EC-03 electric scooter.

Yamaha’s game will have to be stepped up dramatically from the 27-mile range / 6-hour charge specs of the EC-03 (pictured) before it starts capturing the imagination of actual motorcyclists.

Nevertheless the company is undaunted; it says it aims to capture a dominant share of electric bike sales before the end of the decade.

The statement concludes: ‘Heading toward 2020, the Company will further expand the lineup by developing models offering high output, advanced function and affordable price.

'This development effort will focus on bolstering core technologies for batteries, motors and control systems.’

Electric bikes are one of four key ares Yamaha says it will focus on between now and the end of the decade.

The others are affordably-priced motorcycles in emerging nations, cheaper bikes in Asia and cleaner, more fuel-efficient engines.

No mention of kick-ass mentalist sports bikes at all then.

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter