Video: The Yamaha Super Tenere trick that could save your bacon

Published: 14 July 2010

Yamaha’s new 1200cc Super Tenere is a superb all-rounder, but in common with other bikes with ABS it can be a liability off-road for one simple reason... 

ABS can prevent your bike coming to a stop at all if off-road, if (for example) you’re descending a slope and trying to slow down. When the ABS senses the wheels locking, as they inevitably do on dirt, they release it for a moment in the hope they will regain full grip – something that never happens in this situation.      

Off road the fact is you need to be able to lock the wheels, and to moderate the brakes yourself in the area of traction between full grip and full slide. You need to be able to turn the ABS off. Here’s how.