Biker café threatens to ban bikes

Published: 16 July 2010

The owner of a café which used to be a popular biker meeting place has threatened to ban motorcyclists.

John Simpson, owner of Lord Stones Café in the Cleveland Hills, North Yorkshire, has already changed his opening hours to halt a Tuesday night bike meet which attracted over 1000 riders.

Now he has warned he may not serve us at any time following a row over food service.

The café owner was quoted in his local paper saying: “If this goes on, I will put up a sign saying ‘no bikers’. We’re not just a bikers’ café. We’re here for everyone.”

Over 700 motorcyclists joined a Facebook group urging a boycott of the café following the same row with a rider over food.

Simpson told MCN: “His language was abusive. I said, ‘Look, we don’t need this.”

Members of the Facebook group complain of being made to feel unwelcome at the cafe.

Simpson said he’d ended the Tuesday night gathering following bike crashes nearby and because “the locals won’t put up with it and I can’t cope.” He insisted riders were welcome at other times.

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