Ducati 999 hits 134mph on the beach!

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This Ducati 999-based beach racer has hit 134mph in the hands of its creator Steve Haldane.

Kevin Kinghan, from the NZ Bike Rider magazine, rode it to 124mph at the same test. He delivered his impressions to MCN:
“The feeling of being on a foggy, wild stretch of west coast beach is always exhilarating; flying down the sand at 124mph was a rush!

"The big Duke was surprisingly steady as it swapped from digging trenches to flying across the top of the iron sand.

"Hitting grooves from previous laps was an interesting feeling, setting up a bit of a yaw which I can imagine would rapidly turn into something horrible if you got cross rutted at speed on something this fast and heavy”.
“The team at Haldane’s have put all the delicate electrics in a cunning container which is also the number plate, so the big Italian V-twin seemed oblivious to the salt water and sand that covered every part of it by the time the Dino juice ran out.

"The feeling you get on this thing is absolutely brilliant, you do have to watch where you put your weight in the softer areas but it was surprisingly confidence inspiring”.
Proving he's the master of his own creation, the bike's builder Steve Haldane hit 134mph during the same fog-bound test.
The bike is still for sale at the price of £6480 on www.trademe.co.nz. 
Special thanks to Kevin Kinghan for the pictures and his impressions on the bike.

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