My Max MPH classic Honda race rep

Just a quick update on my road going classic Honda CB550 race rep. First time out was at the Thundersprint, a brilliant day.

We worked on getting the bike running right up to Saturday evening, so didnt know if we would make the race, the bike only turned a wheel Saturday evening!

Luckily all the gear linkages worked and the motor ran strong, but with only 20 miles to bed in the new brakes and scrub in the tyres on Saturday night we were not really ready for Sunday's Thundersprint.

We loaded up the van about 8.00 and set off at 3.00 in the morning to get to the paddock by 5.00, scrutineering was a worry but she sailed through and I quickly signed on and walked the course.

The paddock was amazing - with ex-world Champion Phil Redman & Sammy Millar also racing. I couldnt believe it when I was in the rides briffing with these guys and Steve Parrish!

Practice arrived at 7.30 and the runs went really well with a best time of 31.9 and the bike launching and cornering very well.

The crowds were amazing and the paddock full

Thanks to Robbo & Pricey who turned up to give support.

When the final runs were called I decided to try to chip my times down and if possible get below 30.

All 3 runs went very well - finishing with a 29.24 - I was made up.

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Andy Hodges

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By Andy Hodges