New Easy Clean bike cleaning gear

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A brand new range of cleaning products from Easy Clean is claimed to do exactly what the name suggests.

Beyond smelling nice (they have a fruity fragrance, apparently) the products are designed to allow you to clean your whole bike without fear of damaging plastics or metals.

The wash-based products are claimed non-corrosive and the makers say this will allow you to apply equally to metals, plastics, chains or sprockets.

The results, it's claimed (even with the polish) is a dust- and residue-free finish, and it's reckoned that a front to back polish will take just four minutes Products are available in a range of sizes, and cost from £4.99 (for 1 litre of Easywash) to £59.99 ( for a 25-litre container of Easywash).

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott