Rob McElnea and Jamie Dobb to do Scottish Six Day Trial

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Former world champion motocrosser Jamie Dobb and British Superbike boss and ex-500GP racer Rob McElnea will both be competing in the gruelling Scottish Six Day Trial in May.   

The two former racers will be among the 275 starters on Monday May 3, to negotiate what is still one of the most feared events on the global motor sport calendar
The prominent pairing, whose motivation to complete the celebrated multi-day event is as polarised as their motorcycling careers, have both signed up to do battle against riders from as far afield as Australia and Canada this year. However, while they will be looking to uphold their reputations as determined and ultra-competitive riders, both know their biggest challenge will not stem from fellow riders, but from the unremitting Scottish terrain. 

Although Dobb and McElnea do have considerable trials experience, honed predominantly during their early teenage years, the challenge of the rugged Highland landscape is not to be underestimated. The mentally draining and physically brutal course that snakes its way over the unforgiving mountains that surround the town of Fort William is sure to remind both of them why this punishing event has become renowned for endurance as much as finesse on a trials bike.

“A lot of people have asked me why I am doing it,” said an enthusiastic Rob McElnea. “I rode trials as a youngster and continued to ride throughout my racing career until I stopped about twelve years ago. I am fifty this year and competing in the Six Days has always been an ambition, a life goal of mine. If I don’t do it now then I never will. I entered the Bemrose Trophy Trial recently to get a bit of practise in. I had some good rides, but I was shattered afterwards. It is not about the result at the SSDT, though. I just want to get round the course and enjoy the experience.”

While it is the personal challenge that has fired Rob McElnea’s imagination, encouraging the three-times Isle of Man TT winner to get his entry in, the catalyst that prompted Jamie Dobb to sign up was considerably more poignant. “I lost my dad to cancer six months ago,” explained the retired motocross star. “I always like to do something a little off the chart for charity, so I decided I would attempt to do the Scottish Six Days Trial to raise money for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.”

“Cancer is a disease that effects one in three people and I am just trying to raise a little awareness among men,” continued Dobb. “All of us men think we are invincible, but this is not always the case; just like the ladies in this World, we need to check ourselves out for things like prostate cancer. I probably do not realise how difficult the trial will actually be, but I understand how evil cancer is, and if I can help in any way then, whatever the result, I will feel I have achieved something.”

As part of his SSDT preparations, Dobb also recently competed in the Bemrose Trophy Trial alongside his long time friend John Shirt Jnr. Those wishing to support Jamie’s plight can do so via

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

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