HJC's new 'R-PHA 10' race helmet

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You can now buy the same top-of-the-range HJC R-PHA 10 helmet that Ben Spies wears in MotoGP.

The helmet is available in three shell sizes, and great efforts have been taken to keep the weight down – the visor mechanism was re-engineered to lose 40g on each side, for example. The whole lid weighs 1250g.

The track-readiness of the new lid is evident, with a really useful centrally-locked visor (simplicity itself once you're used to it), and a dark visor in the box, with tear-off posts/Pinlock mounting plus anti-rain treatment. The venting system is satisfyingly precise, too.

The visor aperture is usefully wide, and the silky-feel 'Ginkofresh' lining is anti-bacterial, wicking, removable and washable.

The helmet is available in five graphic designs (£299.99) and one plain (£279.99) and in sizes XS-XXL (54-64cm).

More info: 01993-862300 or www.oxprod.com.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott