MCN launches iPhone ride tracker

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MCN has created the ultimate pocket Apple iPhone application for all motorcyclists to use to track their ride.

The MCN Ride Logger, which launched  this afternoon, uses the same GPS technology seen in many professional datalogger systems to record your location, speed, acceleration and braking continuously through any ride.

It lets you play back your ride simply and easily, zoom in on the map to see your given speed at any point and see a graph which tracks how you’re riding. It costs just £4.99 and is available from the Apple Store.

Motorcycle News editor Marc Potter, who helped develop the MCN Ride Logger, explains: “With our App anyone can record their personal performance figures - then after a ride relive every bend, twist of the throttle or touch of the brake lever.

“We’ve spent months making what we think is the best application for motorcyclists, it’s easy to use and we’ve spent days testing it to make sure we have an application that we’re all really proud of.

He added: “Logging your rides quickly becomes an addiction and one that will make you want to use it on every ride.


  • See top stats for the ride – top speed and peak acceleration/braking figures (including the exact location where these figures were achieved) plus average speed, journey time and distance covered
  • View each journey on an enhanced Google map showing speed and acceleration/braking at any point you select
  • Zoom in and see how your speed/acceleration varies on your route yard by yard or second by second
  • View your data in an expandable graph view – just like on a pro data logging system
  • Add a range of background info to each ride, including your own personal ride rating plus details of your bike, tyres and weather conditions
  • Build up a fascinating library of every journey you make on your bike
  • Share with your friends the basic stats of each ride on Facebook or via email

Click here to buy the MCN iPhone application (requires itunes)

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