Free disc-lock scheme in Blackburn area

Published: 28 May 2010

Police in Darwen near Blackburn have launched a new motorcycle security scheme after a recent series of thefts in the area.

Police are actively looking for unsecured motorcycles in the area after 12 motorcycles and one quad bike were stolen in just a few months.

They will be posting leaflets through doors where vulnerable bikes have been identified, which can be used to claim a free disc-lock.

PCSO Chris Lancaster, involved in the scheme, said, “Motorcyclists can then exchange their leaflet for a free disc lock, which will prevent thieves from rolling the bike away to a concealed place and riding off on it.

"They are also less susceptible to being broken than regular chains due to their designs.

“I urge motorcyclists to keep their bikes off the road and out of site when not in use.”