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Kent Police are looking to fine bikers

Published: 24 September 2010

Last Friday while out riding my wife and I were pulled by a marked police bike in Kent and I was fined for an illegal number plate. No complaints as it's a fair cop.

However while this was going on another marked bike and an unmarked one both pulled in and the officer asked his collegue to check my wife's exhausts "because I know all screaming eagle pipes are illegal".

His disappointment was evident when his mate said they were legal (which they are) and he asked him if he was sure they were. He was obviously short of ticket quotas this month and was sad not to get a double whammy.

We were riding within the speed limit and as my wife is a nervous rider we were taking it very easy and sensible. He rode alongside her for a while before moving alongside me on chevrons in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic. Imagine if I'd done that!

He spent ages looking for other things on my bike but was disappointed. Kent police are looking for excuses to stop bikes - let's try not give them any.