TT races in Birmingham? North Circular GP?

Published: 08 April 2011

Transport minister Mike Penning has announced a consultation document which, if passed as law, would allow councils to hold bike (or car) races on public roads.

This would bring mainland UK in line with Northern Ireland, where the councils arrange all manner of commendably unhinged road races.

Penning said: "There is a huge following for motor sports in this country and yet we are unable to hold events on the public highway... If we can sort out the legal problems this could be great for our area [he's MP for Hemel Hempstead] as well as nationally."

So, here's the question: where should future bike races in England, Scotland and Wales be held? Peterborough Ring Road GP anyone? A tad less glamorous than Macau, but very very fast, and – like the North West 200 – no-one knows where it is.