Ghost Rider wheelie bid

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Patrik Furstenhoff, 43, is a bike mechanic from Stockholm with two kids and a nice house. He’s also the man behind the infamous ‘Ghost Rdier’ videos, the counter-culture series started by an insane 42-mile ride from Stockholm to Uppsala through heavy traffic which took 14min 55sec – an average of 170mph.

This weekend he’ll be competing in the World Wheelie Competition at Elvington Airfield. In 2006, he performed a record-breaking 215mph wheelie on the Yorkshire runway and this year he’s looking to go faster.

Patrik told MCN: “I’m a little bit scared of Elvington! People think I’m going to set a nw record and that it’s going to be easy. But it’s going to be the biggest fight I’ve ever had on a bike. Riding there last year I was sick for weeks afterwards – my neck was in pain. Everything hurt. I’m older. I’m weaker.”

Read the full stroy in the current issue of MCN. If you haven’t seen any of Ghost Rider’s exploits, check out the videos below.