How to choose an Adventure bike

Published: 19 August 2011

While the iconic bike of Adventure travel remains the capable BMW 1200GS, it’s not your only choice of bike when it comes to embarking on an Adventure. Over the last 20 years the challenge of riding to far flung places by bike has captured the imagination of thousands of adventurers.  The choice of bike varies dramatically from mopeds through to Peter and Kay Forwood visiting a total of 193 countries (every country in the world at the time) two up on a Harley.

To discover what makes a good adventure bike we’ve spoken to the people that have owned and ridden them to places they were never intended to go. From Dennis Robinsons trip from the UK to Gambia every year on a Honda C90 to Nick Sanders epic adventures around the globe on a Yamaha R1 and everything in between.

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Dennis Robinson Honda C90
Four thousand miles in three weeks from the UK to Gambia on a C90!


Rory Elliott – Yamaha TTR600
30,000KM miles through China, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq on a £1100 1998 Yamaha TTR600


Nick Sanders Yamaha R1
Round the world four times on Yamaha R1’s – 80 countries totalling 120,000 miles