Video: How did he walk away from THIS?

A stunt rider who crashed head on with a car and flew 30 metres through the air has escaped serious injury. In fact, he was back at work the next day.

The rider was performing at Latin America’s largest theme park when he hit the car while wheelying at what looks to be about 30mph. He was meant to pass between two oncoming hatchbacks that appear to be doing a similar speed.

A spectator at the Beto Carrero World in Santa Catarina captured the gruesome impact, though when medics rushed to his aid they found he was not only conscious, but apparently uninjured. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital before being released later the same day.

Having seen the footage, knee-jerk safety campaigners are proposing all motorcyclists wheelie everywhere in order to reduce injuries. Probably.

John Westlake

By John Westlake