Top video picks of the week! – Jan 7

A new year, a new Friday and five new videos for you all to enjoy. This week we’ve got three fast-paced shiny videos shot with state-of-the-art cameras, and two charming little bits of nostalgia to remind us of simpler times. Enjoy!

Endurace Championship highlights
A high-octane highlight vid of last year’s Endurance World Championship Season.

Wear a helmet!
Relive the days when helmets were a novelty and Carry On Cleo was only a year old in this charming little safety advert from 1965.

Ice Riding in Hungary
Watch the improbably-named Hungarian Palatinus Atilla mucking about with some snow tyres in this nicely-shot vid.

Yamaha RD500LC nostalgia
Relive the glory days of the RD500LC in this vintage clip shot in bella Italia. Features the eclectic soundtrack of a mid-80’s wine bar!

BMW Unscripted
It’s an unashamed BMW advert, but if you’re hankering after a bit of adventure travel, this might scratch the itch for a while.

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel