Jennie Gow out of 2011 BBC MotoGP team

Published: 25 January 2011

BBC MotoGP presenter Jennie Gow has just announced she will not be covering the racing series this year after just one season with the BBC MotoGP team.

Gow was announced as the replacement for fans’ favourite Suzi Perry at the start of the 2010 season but despite her best efforts to fill the huge hole left by Perry her lack of intimate knowledge of bikes made her a target for some.

Gow announced the news on her Twitter feed stating: “Just to let you know I wont be doing MotoGP for the BBC this year. Last season was an amazing experience and I met some great people.”

She added: “Working on some exciting new projects so will see you soon. Thank you for your support and friendship!

“Oh and good luck to the 8 Brits competing in Motogp, 125 & Moto2 this year - will be following you from wherever I am in the world.”

MCN spoke to Gow moments after the news broke. She said: “I’ve had an amazing year and a great experience. I will definitely be following MotoGP throughout the year.”

The BBC is yet to announce the 2011 MotoGP team.