Build your own electric road racer

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Mavizen, the organisers of the electric TT, have dramatically slashed the cost of buying an electric race bike, to less than £8000. There’s just one catch – you’ll have to build it yourself.

This is no DIY home-build special though. The Mavizen LEO.X can only be bought as a complete package, which includes a five-day college course on electrical theory, building your bike and ending with some track time to set it all up.

‘This is a new way of selling a bike,’ says newly-enobled Mavizen boss and TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain. ‘We need to find new ways of engaging with customers because the technology is so new.

"None of our knowledge of petrol engines is applicable – you need to know about electricity and chemistry, but by removing fear of the unknown we can gain acceptance…’

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel