Compulsory hi-vis in France

Published: 03 June 2011

Compulsory hi-vis jackets for motorcyclists are among a raft of restrictive new traffic laws to be introduced in France.

Motorcyclists also face compulsory retraining if they haven’t ridden for five years and larger number plates on their bikes.

Other measures include jail sentences for speeding by more than 31mph (50kph), removal of speed camera signs and a ban on camera warning devices which could include GPS and smart phone applications. Penalties for drink driving and mobile phone use are also to be toughened.

British motorcyclists entering France will be expected to comply with the new rules, which are due to be imposed by September.

Nick Brown, General Secretary of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), said: "As well as affecting UK riders visiting France, the French proponents of the changes will doubtless be encouraging other governments to follow their lead. MAG is putting together plans to support FFMC and oppose the adoption of these measures elsewhere in Europe."

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