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A Facebook campaign for an Isle of Wight TT has gained over 1000 supporters in days.

The page says: ‘The Isle of Wight is able to accommodate a music festival of 90,000 people, so why not start a road race? …It’s time to let the world of road racers experience a piece of the sunny south. Support is what we need!!’

At the last count the page had gained 1066 supporters since Monday.  The TT races attracted 37,000 visitors to the Isle of Man this year and generated £20million.

Isle of Wight motorcyclist Kara Rann, 24, who launched the campaign, said: “The passion and enthusiasm of racing would bring excitement to the island.

“We’re in a recession and businesses here are suffering. An Isle of Wight TT would also bring tourism which is a massive part of our economy.”

But she admitted: “I’m fully aware we’ll get a negative response from some locals who will feel we’re spoiling the peace of the island.”

Read how the course would differ from the Isle of Man’s in MCN, on sale June 29.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell