Newspaper columnist: Ban motorcycles

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A newspaper column saying motorcycles should be banned has attracted dozens of objections from readers.

Hugh Curran begins his article: ‘It’s time to ban the motorcycle. There, I said it. It needed to be said.’

The motoring columnist for US daily newspaper Sun Sentinel argues motorcycles are too dangerous and that casualties have an ‘economic impact’ on everyone. He claims that if a car model was linked to as many casualties, ‘The public would demand an instant halt to the production and sale of that flawed vehicle.’

The column has attracted 48 comments of criticism on the newspaper’s website and only one of apparent support.

One reader writes: ‘Now Hugh, I’ve seen your photo, and let’s face it, you’re a fatty pants. Your cholesterol level is much more likely to end up costing the public money than all motorcyclists combined.’

Others argue that most motorcyclist casualties are caused by negligent car drivers. One says:  ‘The primary cause of motorcycle accidents are cars and trucks running into them.’

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell