Video: auto-throttle blipper for R1

Techtronics have just launched a ground-braking automatic electronic downshift blipping system for Yamaha’s R1 and R6.

Operating seamlessly with the Yamaha YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) fly-by-wire throttle, the makers claim the system automatically blips the throttle during downshifts to enable the smoothest, fastest and safest downshifting when racing or sports riding on the road.
Senior road tester Adam Child is currently fitting one to his 2009 R1 and will let you know his thoughts in the coming weeks. Find a Yamaha R1 for sale. Check out the video clip below of New Zealand Superbike champ Tony Rees using the system on his 2009 R1 at Hampton Downs.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott