Speed camera authority owns up to “Crashproof motorbike” hoax

Published: 16 March 2011

Speed camera bosses have claimed responsibility for a “crashproof motorbike” youtube hoax which gained more than 2.8million views online.

The 1m27s video, which introduced a supposedly “un-crashable” motorbike, before promptly writing it off, was apparently created: “to get more riders to take part in advanced training in a bid to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads”.

The Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership produced the video as part of the Safer Rider campaign and released it to the online community in August last year. Though the video was presented in the style of a German newscast, the creators revealed their true motivations in a subsequent video released yesterday.

Spokesman Bob Jarret said: “As a Police Rider I get to do something I love as part of my job, the sad fact remains however that motorcyclists are still massively over-represented in the casualty figures.  Time and time again we are seeing that it’s the same mistakes as contributory factors in these collisions which could so easily of been avoided.

“That’s why we are encouraging riders to go out, get some extra training, and learn some additional skills.  Ultimately people will get more out of their riding and it will help them to stay safe on the roads.”  

See the original video here…