Ducati shows off Diavel advert secrets

Ducati has released a video showing how a television advert for the new Ducati Diavel showing how it was made and what the firm was aiming to show the bike is all about.

There is an awful lot of waffly advertising guff written about in the Ducati information but it’s interesting to see how the bike action, the lighting and the filming happens. And there is an extremely attractive lady in there too.

According to Ducati (WARNING: Looming advertising drivel overload):

"The answer lies in the word "magic" - the key to the Diavel advertising story.
Magic is the necessary ingredient to communicate in a simple way the overwhelming magnetic effect that this jewel inspires in all those who are lucky enough to see it, even if only for a moment.

This is the concept chosen by the Ducati Creative Center as a basis for communicating the bike.

The story of the commercial progressed thanks also to the input of filming professionals and to the choice of a location that is just as evocative and inspiring as the bike itself.

The aim of the Diavel commercial was to communicate the idea of authentic sensations expressed by real-life faces in everyday situations, all in just a few seconds.

So, together with American director Bo Platt, three actors were chosen for their ability to communicate feelings in an evocative way. Above all, the most important emotion to be expressed was amazement.

The director reproduced on film the innocent amazement of a child, the artful amazement of a girl and finally the enthralled amazement of a man.

Amazement and admiration are emotions that the Diavel can inspire in whoever is lucky enough to come across the bike in their everyday lives: at the bar, on the way to work or going home from school.

The whole story unfolds in the magnificent setting of Cape Town, South Africa, a city with two souls split between downtown and the stunning landscapes of Franschhoek. The location is perfect for the Diavel and the emotions it inspires in those who see it or ride it.

Peter Tischhauser, director of photography, was the man who discovered the most sensational angles for the shoot, with mountain settings and vineyards.

The Ducati team together with the film specialists, who were fully equipped with all the latest technology, worked for three days and more than 60 hours in the enchanting environment of the hot African location.

A soundtrack dedicated to the Diavel has been created specially to give yet more emphasis to the emotions inspired, as has the narrator's text."

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter