New Bridgestone Hypersport S20 sports tyre

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Bridgestone has launched a new sports tyre – the Hypersport S20 – designed for high-powered bikes, and which will sit alongside the BT-016 Pro and BT-016 in the firm’s sports tyre range.

The new tyre is claimed to “meet the demands of European sport riders for the highest handling performance in wet and dry on all types of roads and riding conditions: highway touring, winding country roads, city streets and track circuits.” 

The new tyre is said to have a larger contact patch thanks to new construction techniques, meaning there’s more rubber on the road, and potentially more feel. The firm also claims a new tread pattern aids cornering performance.

Impressively, the triple-compound S20 is claimed to provide decent grip from the off, especially in the wet and in cold conditions.

The new tyre will be available from January 2012 in most common sports bike fitments.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott