Norwich MAG ride

Thanks to hedgehog5 regarding Hi-Vis jackets, I joined the MAG ride on Sunday at the Norwich meet and found I was in the minority being one of some six or so riders wearing the same and consequently got a bit of ribbing.

On the ride over from the Hunstanton area once again a car driver pulled out on me at a T-junction and caused a near collision. I wear this for added security even if I do look like a clown. I would have to draw the line at wearing a flashing orange light on my helmet.

Can somebody please tell me what the disadvantage is to wearing these jackets or are car drivers just obliviouse to bikes? The ride was something else, the noise at start up was like a WW2 boming raid and I think it was a great shame there was a lack of coverage by the media, I would have to imagine the public thought it was a big bike club out on a Sunday afternoon jolly.

Bikers, a good bunch of people with a common interest.


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