Editor's picks: Ducati ST3

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The Ducati ST3 is often over-looked as a sports tourer – potential buyers often choosing the more common Honda VFR800, but there’s nothing wrong with the ST3…

The ignored Ducati family – the sports touring motorcycles – got a big boost with the arrival of the Ducati ST3 model in 2003. Its three valve per cylinder engine was new and unique in the Ducati range – previous sports touring Ducatis made do with other motorcycles’ hand me downs.

A refreshing, different sports touring motorcycle with decent reliability so far.

The Ducati ST3 has plenty of Ducati character from the 90 degree V-twin and more than enough poke to waft rider, pillion and luggage along without any bother. The Ducati ST3 is an easy motorcycle to ride in any conditions – the most versatile Ducati.

It’s stable and neutral but nimble enough when you get to those mountain twisties. Brakes are strong. Weight of 203kg is less than many competitor motorcycles and being a Ducati, it carries it well.

Could it be that the Ducati ST3 is a relatively new motorcycle or that owners are the sorts that look after their motorcycle – but this seems like a reliable Ducati. Finish is excellent too. Servicing still shouldn’t be ignored and maybe time will see problems develop with the Ducati ST3 but we’re hopeful it’s a sign the Italians have finally sorted their act out.

Our pick of the ST3’s on offer at mcnbikesforsale.com is a 2006 model with 9,142 miles on the clock. The bike comes complete with matching luggage, topbox rack and Oxford heated grips. It has a full service history. View the advert here.