Editor's picks: KTM 990 SMT

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Inspired by how much fun Trevor Franklin appears to be having with his KTM 990 SMT (watch the video here), we take a closer look at the big V-twin and select our pick of the 990s on offer at mcnbikesforsale.com.

The KTM 990 SMT is an interesting take on the adventure bike theme that manages to combine all the mental fun of a supermoto with the comfort, practicality and ability to cover miles of an adventure bike.

It’s an road/adventure all-rounder great offering all things to all riders. Of more interest to more people is the fact that it’s bloody good fun and way faster than you’d think for a 115bhp V-twin.

Our pick of the 990 SMTs for sale at mcnbikesforsale.com is this year-old “totally as new” example in classic KTM colours, that has covered just 3500 miles. It’s advertised at £6395. View the advert here.