VIDEO: Melons… rocks…“Wingnut”… what 3hrs a night has done to Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders has returned from a triple-length-of-the-Americas expedition, a journey he describes as “the hardest” of his career.

After leading a group of paying customers from the bottom of Argentina to the USA, the adventure rider travelled directly to Alaska to begin a timed 29,300-mile Prudhoe Bay-Ushuaia-Prudhoe Bay double crossing. He completed the feat in just 46 days.

Often riding through the night, the Mancunian rider managed just 146hrs of sleep over the six week trip. He told MCN in an exclusive interview: “You’ll not find any other motorcycle adventurer who will come close to this. They go to extreme locations – and that’s valuable – but they clock off at five o’clock. That’s not the way I’ve been doing it. I’m able to take myself closer to the edge of exhaustion. I’m not sure what lies beyond that edge… I think, probably, you don’t wake up. But, are we talking about extreme biking or not? This is not a trip to the caff…”.

In the attached video – a preview for the upcoming DVD of the trip, dubbed “The Incredible Ride” – Sanders talks us through some of the dangers he and his XT1200Z Super Tenere faced on and off the American highways.

Read the full story of Nick’s “Incredible Ride” – including 48C desert heat, gunmen, bandits and 31-mile ice-sheets – in the 28 Sept issue of MCN, on sale now.

Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel