Struggling with insurance companies

My accident occurred in July 2010. I was out for the day with friends and we were on our way back when a car pulled out of a farm shop on my left.

I didn’t have much time to react, but managed to squeeze enough front brake to put the back wheel into the air just as i rode into his front wing. I was catapulted some 50 feet and my beloved R1 turned into a helicopter.

The car driver was making a right turn out of a farm shop on the busy A5 in Cannock Staffs. His vehicle finished halfway across the pavement and half on the road. I was knocked unconscious and received multiple injuries including broken ribs. I have little knowledge of what happened as I had head injuries. 

 have learnt though, a witness who saw the accident coming in the opposite direction wrote in her statement that the car driver made a double manoeuvre and hit the motorbike. She was the only witness to see the accident.

Another witness was the passenger in a vauxhall combo and states that the bike was overtaking on chevrons. Yet the driver of the same van states I was doing 30-40 mph with headlight on. Both state they didn’t see the accident.

The car insurer jumped on the statement of the passenger and decided I was overtaking. I was not and was riding at about 50-60 in the centre of the lane, with a 60 limit in place.

So, the car insurers laid down the challenge to my solicitor to prove I wasn’t overtaking and we will agree it wasn’t his fault. Well as look would have it the police took photos of the scene before anything was moved.

This proved I was riding in the centre of the lane and hit the car in a text book position. Had I been overtaking then I would never have been in an accident as I would have missed the car.

The insurer did a massive U-turn and decided this changes nothing. They refuse to admit liability despite overwhelming evidence. The road is completely straight and visabilty is excellent. How he managed to take me off the bike is still a mystery.

I have lost so much money, my bike and friends. This has affected my ability to work. I am a hgv driver but can’t stand driving anymore


Reader's article

By Wayne