Petition to scrap new bike licence rules

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A petition is calling on the Government to scrap planned changes to the motorcycle licence regime.

All under-19s are to be limited to 125s and the minimum age for Direct Access raised to 24 under new rules from Brussels.

Riders aged 17-19 will only be able to gain a licence for a machine of up to 125cc and 15bhp.

At 19 they can qualify for a bike of up to 47bhp by doing another test or additional training. They then face a further two-year wait – and yet another test or further training – before they can qualify for a bike of any power.

Alternatively, over-24s can take a single Direct Access test to immediately qualify for any bike.

The petition demands: ‘Stop the 2013 changes to the motorbike test.’

Find it here:

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell