'Think Bike' campaign launched

Published: 02 March 2012

A £1.2million campaign to get drivers to look out for motorcyclists has been launched by the Government.

TV adverts will show riders with neon signs attached to their bikes flashing messages such as 'new dad' or 'shy retiring type'.

It's hoped it will lead drivers to see riders as individuals after research showed they were more likley to notice motorcyclists if they knew one personally.

A voiceover at the end asks drivers to look out for riders.

The TV campaign will run from today, with radio and petrol station ads launched next week. It follows a similar campaign in 2010.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: “The campaign I am launching today aims to get drivers to think again about how they look at bikers when they're out on the road. I hope this will help to reduce the number of bikers killed and injured in crashes with cars.”