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On Monday, petrol tanker drivers from Unite, which represents drivers who deliver 90% of Britain's petrol, voted to strike after a dispute over pay and conditions.

Downing Street has since encouraged drivers to make 'contingency plans', which has led to drivers panic buying as much fuel as they can.

So with Britain's drivers pumping the forecourts dry, and the tankers due on strike, MCN has come up with a list of some of the top bikes to ride out the fuel strike on, from the ones with amazing mpg figures to bikes with huge tank sizes.

Let us know if you've achieved any surprising mpg figures on your bikes in the comments section below.


The 1000cc inline-four engine in the new Versys 1000 sips fuel compared to its rival the BMW R1200GS. On a recent group test against the GS and Triumph Tiger 1050 it was by far the most economical bike. 150 miles will be achieved on every tank, while a more conservative riding style will see the 200-mile mark broken.

Fuel capacity: 21 litres
Average fuel consumption: 50mpg
Tank range: 200 miles


The GS Adventure holds a huge amount of fuel - 33 litres to be precise. It may not have the same mpg stats as the Versys 1000 (above), but it more than makes up for it with an extra 11 litres of fuel. 300 miles on one tank isn't unheard of.

Fuel capacity: 33 litres
Average fuel consumption: 41mpg
Tank range: 300 miles


The 998cc Honda CBF1000 is easy to ride, comfy and the perfect motorcycle for 98% of the time. For the latest version, Honda improved fuel economy, meaning it's easy to top 50mpg and 200 miles per tank. Not bad for a 2006 Fireblade engine.

Fuel capacity: 19 litres
Average fuel consumption: 42mpg
Tank range: 185 miles


The Triumph Tiger 800 only holds 19 litres of fuel, the same as the CBF, but the 799cc three-cylinder engine isn't a thirsty one. Triumph claim a tank range of over 250 miles. We've managed to cover 230 miles on a full tank, but Triumph's claim is certainly achievable.

Fuel capacity: 19 litres
Average fuel consumption: 50mpg
Tank range: 230 miles


Dakar bikes are required to have a fuel range of 170 miles, and that's when the bikes are ridden at full bore by the best off-road riders on the planet. Stick some road-biased tyres on, and ridden by a normal person as opposed to an off-road god and who knows what mileage you could achieve. They're quite expensive to buy, though. And KTM won't even take your order unless you're a serious rally rider.

Fuel capacity: 36 litres
Tank range: 170+ miles



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