The best customer service in the world, ever?

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Having bought a set of carbon fibre headlamp cases from Carbon 4U for my 2005 Speed Triple, I was delighted with them.

I was less than delighted when one of the brackets snapped after six months and I had to abort a ride on a sunny Sunday after just 15 minutes.

I e-mailed Carbon 4U on Sunday. Much to my surprise receiving an e-mail response immediately.

What happened next was extraordinary.

Roger - one of the partners - explained that this had never happened at all before and expressed such genuine concern that any anger I felt just melted. Next thing you know, he's on the telephone (on a Sunday afternoon) arranging to drive down to fit replacements for me personally and he was desperate to examine the failure to find out what happened.

"I can't have any of my customers unhappy", he said. "I'm out of stock of relacements at the moment but I'll take the ones off my own bike and bring them down for you."

The attached picture shows Roger in my back garden fixing the new headlamp bowls - which look the business - just a few days later - after a 150 mile round trip to my house.

When the replacements come in he's going to repeat the process and give me brand new ones!

Unbelievable customer service! I have never experienced anything like it in my life and felt compelled to write to MCN in the hope that a story of heroic customer service is newsworthy enough to get published.

Carbon 4U now has my undying loyalty as a customer and I want to recommend them to all fellow bikers as a model of customer service excellence.

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