Less than 30 left: Ducati 748S

Published: 05 October 2012

Ducati 748S
24 left on UK roads

Occupying a place in Ducati’s range between the standard ‘E’ model and the as-extreme-as-road-legal-gets ‘R’, the 748S shares the phenomenal handling package as the stocker but gained TIN-coated forks, five-spoke wheels and came with the choice of single (monoposto) or dual seat (biposto).

Although 24 remain on our roads, a further 29 are locked away on a SORN, perhaps awaiting the next sunny track day.

Its stability mid-corner on the race track is truly mind-blowing, its chassis being one of the best ever made. True, you’ll curse its stiff set-up and extreme riding position in town, but that’s always going to be the compromise you make with a race-bred sports bike of this calibre.

It’s also far from luxurious; the mirrors are terrible and comfort poor. And for a bike that was competing at the time with GSX-R750s and the like, it’s underpowered, on paper at least. And here’s the thing – you need to ride a 748S to experience the sheer soul-stirring capability of the yellowest sports bike on the planet.

The power it does have is produced in a particularly torque manner, and it’s one of the most satisfying bikes ever to be ridden throttle-to-the-stop hard.

If you’re looking to pick one up for your own collection, however, do check that cambelt changes have been done and be aware that rocker arms can fail.

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