The BSMC Event II

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The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club has announced their second event of the year to celebrate the cafe racer and brat-style culture after the success of their first event in May.

The event will take place October 5-6 at Shoreditch Studios and there will be a minimum of 50 custom bikes on display, both from professional builders and amateurs.

Some of the notable professional builders displaying bikes include Deus Ex Machina, Spirit of the Seventies and Kevil’s Speedshop. Moto Guzzi will also be in attendance.

Dutch von Shed of said: “Our mission is to celebrate the cafe/brat custom niche, but not attract just the niche audience. As it was last May, the show will be welcoming to all – bikers of all types and non-bikers too. It’s a hang-out all day place with quality food, drink and seating and it’s also a great area of London to be in, near Brick lane and Spitalfields, so it’s a wife/GF/child friendly place to be.”

There will also be bike clothing manufacturers in attendance as well as a tattooist, barber and food.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer