Insurance Advice: What to do if you're convicted?

Published: 21 February 2013

If you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself convicted of a motoring offence with your bike you'll have a lot of questions flying through your head. MCN Compare have taken some of the most frequently asked questions about motoring convictions and answered them here for you; to help take some of the mystery our of insurance.


What to do if you’re convicted

What it means to you premium:
A motoring conviction may not hit your premium as much as you fear. According to MCE Insurance, one of the brokers available through MCN Compare, a first speeding offence leads to a 7.5% increase, or £14.25 on average. Two speeding offences will cost you 25% extra or £47.50. Careless driving and drinking driving also lead to 25% loading.


What you should do:
Tell your insurer immediately about any convictions, so that your insurer can make a record of the accident being reported. At renewal your premium will then include the conviction detail and subsequent cost.
It doesn’t matter whether a motoring conviction relates to riding a motorcycle or another vehicle. You must tell your insurer about any traffic offences, no matter what vehicle you were using at the time. 

Convictions relate to all motoring offences, whether in a car, van, bike or any other vehicle. 


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